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Founded in 2018, PHYSIOSEQ is a Northern California-based biotech company that is focused on providing precision medicine services for leading industry partners and academic institutions. At its inception, PHYSIOSEQ began as a data analysis and consulting company, working mainly with the US Department of Justice. Today, PHYSIOSEQ provides precision medicine services for most of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. In response to this rapid growth, PHYSIOSEQ purchased a 21,000 square foot biomedical complex, which is expected to open in the first quarter of 2025. Until then, the company will continue to operate out of its state-of-the-art clinical and laboratory space at 87 Scripps Drive in Sacramento, CA. Additional locations are planned to open in Southern California and Hermosillo, Mexico in early 2025.

Our Vision

To accelerate the world’s transition to precision medicine.

Our Mission

To make foundational discoveries that will lead to improved health through the generation and analysis of complex patient-oriented datasets, execution of cutting-edge clinical trials, and design and implementation of precision medicine tools, including direct-to-consumer and physician decision support applications. 

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How PHYSIOSEQ is Organized

As of 2024, Physioseq is organized into three divisions, Physioseq Precision Medicine, MAVE Body and Skin Institute, and UMICRO.

PHYSIOSEQ Precision Medicine is focused on providing cutting edge sequencing (e.g. spatial sequencing, advanced scRNA-seq, metatranscriptomics, etc) and glycoproteomic profiling services to leading pharmaceutical partners to support ancillary studies to ongoing clinical projects. It also designs and runs basic discovery research projects to identify novel drug targets for various diseases, especially immune-mediated diseases. One common task performed by PHYSIOSEQ scientists is to characterize patients who fail to respond to a particular therapy and to construct predictive classifiers that can identify these patients based on molecular signatures (transcriptomic, proteomic, glycomic, etc). PHYSIOSEQ is highly skilled at building models from large -omic data sets, utilizing novel strategies to prevent overfitting and innovative engineering methods for feature selection.

The MAVE Body and Skin Institute is charged with conducting the clinical studies and collecting the patients samples that are analyzed by PHYSIOSEQ Precision Medicine. MAVE operates out of a beautifully designed medical clinic that is equipped with modern state-of-the-art technologies. MAVE has expertise with all aspects of clinical trial management and has been highly successful at patient recruitment, capable of conducting large 100+ patient clinical studies.

UMICRO currently provides microbiome sequencing services for industry and academic partners. It also has a direct-to-consumer platform for home microbiome testing and purchase of prebiotic and probiotic products. The direct-to-consumer side of UMICRO is expected to launch the first quarter of 2025.

What does PHYSIOSEQ have in store for the future?

In collaboration with industry partners, PHYSIOSEQ is developing topical and systemic medications for immune-mediated skin diseases. Initial IND studies will likely begin in 2025.

In addition to launching a direct-to-consumer microbiome testing platform (UMICRO), PHYSIOSEQ is designing an online store, TREATMYSKIN.com, that will offer the most up-to-date science-backed over-the-counter and prescription therapies for dermatologic conditions.