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Clinical Coordinator


The position of Clinical Coordinator has a narrow focus in a specialized area and provided technical or specialized expertise (e.g., with instrumentation and research equipment or with social science research methods) in the planning and execution of a research project. The Clinical Coordinator stays apprised of emerging issues and problems and maintains technical competence in the designated area(s) of specialization. Within this defined area and when appropriate, the Clinical Coordinator is expected to provide leadership, facilitate teamwork and develop collaborative relationships with colleagues and to supply input into the planning of research and educational programs. 

Clinical Coordinators will contribute to translational and basic science research projects by

  • Providing and coordinating clinical studies that may involve industry sponsored Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials and investigator initiated  translational studies.
  • Prepare documents for submission to the IRB
  • Communicate with sponsors
  • Recruit and screen study participants
  • Coordinate participant clinical visits, and follow-up care, and ensure compliance with study protocols
  • Assist in all activities related to clinical trials and translational research.
  • Run assays, including but not limited to multi-plex analyte detection, cell culture, next generation sequencing, and quantitative real- time PCR.

General Responsibilities:

  • Manage datasets, records, and research documentation.
  • Educate and mentor volunteer and students in the laboratory as required. Such as allowing them to shadow you while performing experiments.
  • Establish and maintain cell culture lines using sterile techniques.
  • Prepare sterile media/reagents and maintain sterile facilities.
  • Update/modify standard laboratory procedures to fulfill the needs of each research project